Finance – AGAR Notice Period 14th June to 23rd July 2021


Finance – Please find a copy of the proposed budget for 2021/22



AGAR is the Annual Governance and Accountability Return process that every Parish Council needs to undertake yearly.

Notice Period is between 14th June to 23rd July  2021 as shown on the notice accessed here ; Confirmation Public Notification North Newnton PC

North Newnton is a Smaller authority undergoing a Basic Level Review (its gross income or gross expenditure did  exceed £25,000 in the year ended March 31st 2021 but was way below £200,000).  As such it has signed a Basic Level  review.

It has undergone an internal audit carried out by a third party.

The Parish Council has, in accordance with financial governance requirements produced an Annual Governance Statement and an Accounting Statement for 2020/21.


This was approved by the Parish Council at its meeting on the 19th May 2021  and has now been sent to external auditors appointed by the Government for all Parish Councils in Wiltshire for review.

Following inspection by the External Auditor  please find details of Section 2 AGAR form below

RevisedSectionAGAR 202021

Please find here other submission documents;

  1. Bank Reconciliation document; North NewntonBank Reconcilation 2021
  2. Variances explanation document; Copy of 2021NorthNewntonExplanation-of-variances-proforma
  3.  North Newnton Asset Register;

For any further details please contact the Clerk and Financial Officer for North Newnton Parish Council; Gill Tatum   

or mobile: 07979866387

4. If you want to review the document or purchase a copy please see below