Parish Council meetings are normally held about seven times a year.

Very occasionally, it is necessary to call an urgent meeting and it may only be possible to publish the agenda on this website.

Again, occasionally, it may be necessary to make a decision on a planning item, or approve an item of expenditure that falls outside the Financial Regulations, before the date of the next meeting.


The agenda will be published by the Clerk on this website a clear three days before the meeting, and a copy will be placed on the four parish notice boards.

Any questions regarding the agenda may be addressed to the Clerk, but this must be done before midday on the day prior to the meeting.

The draft minutes of a meeting are generally available within a week of the meeting, and, once the draft is agreed by councillors by email, they will be posted on this website and on the four parish notice boards. They remain in draft format until they have been agreed formally and signed by the Chairman at the next meeting.

See Minutes and Agendas

Annual Meeting of the Council

This is the meeting at which the Chairman and Vice Chairman are elected for the next twelve months. It is a formal meeting and is quite separate from the Annual Parish Meeting (see below). This meeting is generally held in May.

See Minutes and Agendas

Annual Parish Meeting

The parish council has a statutory duty to hold an Annual Parish Meeting. North Newnton normally holds this meeting on the same evening as the Annual General Meeting of the Council. The conduct of this meeting is far less formal than a council meeting, and contains reports from the Neighbourhood Policing Team, and any other local organisation or function wishing to update residents.

In order to avoid any doubt over how this meeting is to be conducted, and to preserve everyone’s right to be heard in open forum, the normal rules of debate, as laid down in the council’s Standing Orders, will be applied.

See Minutes and Agendas