The Parish Council

North Newnton Parish Council is the first tier of local government, and is the closest to the residents of Bottlesford, Hilcott and North Newnton. Since the abolition of District Councils in Wiltshire (2009), it liaises with its unitary council, Wiltshire Council, directly on some matters, and indirectly through the Pewsey Area Board (and Community Area Transport Group) on other matters.


All significant local government services are provided by the Wiltshire Council unitary authority, with its headquarters in Trowbridge, and the parish is represented there by Mr Paul Oatway QPM. In Parliament North Newnton is currently represented by the Member for the Devizes constituency, Mr Danny Kruger.

The Electorate

The parish qualifies as a ‘small parish’ and has;

  • 198 houses
  • 430 persons (2011 census)


Parish Council funding comes in the form of a precept ordered from Wiltshire Council. The parish council has an annual budget meeting (usually in October) from which the money necessary for the following financial year (the precept) is agreed. The financial year runs from the 1st of April until the 31st of March the following year. It is considered prudent to hold some funds in reserve. The council is audited annually by an independent auditor, and full disclosure of the council’s financial affairs can be found in the section on ‘Statutory Documents’.