The North Newnton Neighbourhood Plan

December 2022 Update

The neighbourhood plan documents are being kept for possible future use by councillors. If anyone has an questions or queries about the project then please contact the clerk Rosie Charnock at

Latest Update

At the Parish Council Meeting 9th September 2019, the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group reported that they had decided to dissolve.  On the 14th October 2019 at an Extraordinary Parish Council Meeting a motion was passed to continue to take forward the Neighbourhood Plan.

We therefore need to form a new Steering Group and we are looking for community representatives from Bottlesford, Hilcott and North Newnton to lead the process with support from the Parish Council.

If you are interested, in the first instance please contact Gill Tatum, clerk on 07979866387 or

The Parish Council hope to create a new steering group from interested Parishioners at our next Parish Council meeting of 4th November 2019 at 7:30pm at Woodborough School.

Since October 2015 everyone in the Parish has had the chance to give their views and opinions about what they believe is important for our community.

The information was gathered from:

In July 2017 a Neighbourhood Plan steering group was formed and since then the steering group has issued summaries of its activities which have been distributed to every household in the Parish, inviting comments each time.

Other Parish activities were organised and an open call for sites to be considered for development was issued in early 2018.  By June 2018, first drafts of a Neighbourhood Plan were being written.

All the documents relating to the development of the Neighbourhood Plan are here. (tab/?)

For further information please contact

Timeline of activities for Neighbourhood Plan

3rd Neighbourhood Plan Summary

Steering Group Terms of Reference 25/7/17

2nd Neighbourhood Plan Summary

Neighbourhood Plan Site Assessment toolkit

Call for nominations of local ‘Green Spaces’ April 18 2018

1st Neighbourhood Plan-Summary

N Plan North Newnton settlement on line map[15885]

N Plan Open Call for Sites Feb 2018

Hilcott Conservation Area Designation Statement 21/1/1994

N Plan Site Assessment-Upavon-Road-11-18[15889]

N Plan Site Assessment-Sunnyside-Bottlesford-11-18[15888]

N Plan Site Assessment-Rushall-Road-11-18[15887]

N Plan Site Assessment Hilcott Site

Community Engagement – Results following Parish Council survey

Code of Conduct