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Updated  10/08/2020

Coronavirus Community Support

Hello all, hoping you are coping in these difficult times? We just want to say PLEASE DO NOT hesitate to contact one of us (details below) for ANY HELP you might need; NOTHING  is too big or too small so please ASK.

Do you need help with essential shopping, collecting medicines or errands, lift to doctors appointment? Please contact any of us for help (details below please scroll down) – We will try and organise support from our Villages.

Bottlesford Area – please contact Kate Boulter 01672 852286 or 07771  63584 or email

Hilcott Area – Please contact Gill Tatum 07979 866387 or email

North Newnton Area – please contact Marcus Stoneham 07467 535622 or email

Any General Enquires please contact Gill Tatum 07979 866387 or email


The most up to date advice can be found at

Thanks all for your support,
North Newnton Parish Council & Volunteers

Please also note that there is a local Pewsey Community Coronavirus Assistance Facebook page and external facing Pewsey Community Coronavirus Assistance website for local residents to access.

NHS Test and Trace service

A new NHS Test and Trace service has been launched in England to help identify, contain, control and reduce the spread of COVID-19.

The service will:

  • Provide testing for anyone who has symptoms of Coronavirus (COVID-19) to rule out if they have the virus
  • Get in touch with anyone who has had a positive test result to help them share information about any close recent contact they have had
  • Alert those contacts, where necessary, and notifies them that they need to self-isolate to help the spread of the virus Anyone who tests positive for coronavirus will be contacted by NHS Test and Trace and will need to share information about their recent interactions. This could include household members, people with whom they have been in direct contact, or within 2 metres for more than 15 minutes.People identified as having been in close contact with someone who has a positive test must stay at home for 14 days, even if they do not have symptoms, to stop unknowingly spreading the virus.  Those contacted by the NHS Test and Trace service will be given clear information explaining what they must do and how they can access local support if needed. The Department for Work and Pensions has announced that those having to self-isolate will be eligible for statutory sick pay if they are unable to work from home. The Government has also expanded testing availability for children aged under 5, to help support the phased opening of schools and childcare settings in England from 1 June. From today, all symptomatic individuals in England will therefore be able to access a test if they need one. A package of £300 million of new funding has been made available to local authorities to work with NHS Test and Trace to develop local ‘Outbreak Control Plans’ (as mentioned in yesterday’s Member’s Briefing). The plans will focus on identifying and containing potential outbreaks in places such as workplaces, housing complexes, care homes and schools, ensuring testing capacity is deployed effectively and helping the most vulnerable in self-isolation access essential services in their area. A new Local Government Advisory Board has also been established to support this work. The NHS COVID-19 app, which will form a part of the NHS Test and Trace service, will be launched in the coming weeks once contact tracing is up and running. It will significantly extend the speed and reach of contact tracing, by helping to identify others who may have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for Coronavirus. Further information on the NHS Test and Trace Service, is available by clicking the following link


For those villagers reliant on Pewsey Boots for their prescriptions, please note the following update as of 01/04/2020.
Boots in Pewsey have now adopted a pre -existing national Prescription Delivery Service, which operates on Tuesday and Thursday
Prescription Enquiry Line:   01672 563488
New opening hours are currently  Mon-Fri 10am – 1pm, 2pm – 5pm
Sat 10am – 1pm, 2pm – 4.30pm.
If you need a prescription from Upavon or elsewere please contact the 3 contacts above; Kate, Gill or Marcus.

Information on Local Shopping Deliveries

Hello all, we understand that food delivery ordering may be new to you. Several of our pubs and local shops are now providing deliveries or order by telephone and collect.  So in addition to the larger supermarkets please find a list of local businesses that might help you. Please Scroll down for information

Wiltshire Fruit & Veg 01380 502498 Fruit & Veg boxes, eggs milk & cheese Local Fridays Deliveries
Planks Farm Shop 01380 848691 Milk, plus lots more on contact Devizes/local area
Walter Rose Butchers    01380 722335 Meat products  Orders over the phone
Seven Stars Bottlesford 01672 851325 Delivery Menu; Pizzas, burgers, chicken wings, pie of the day.

Also shop for bread, flour, yeast vegs

Will deliver within a 4 mile radius or you can collect through the ‘Corona Window’ at the front of the pub.
Red Lion , East Chisenbury 01980 671124 Ready meals (heat and eat options) .also delivery £20 minimum order East chisenbury – local 5 miles radius delivery
Woodborough Garden Centre




Usual food basics / Deli style Shop on line or call to order
Upavon Village Shop 01980


Orders over the phone Volunteer can collect for you
Woodborough Inn Facebook page Woodbridge Inn Pewsey



Burgers and meals Set days only at present offering meals can deliver


Wonderful News!

The Parish Council would like to say a big thank you and congratulations to Debbie Southerton from  Bottlesford who has been very busy sewing gowns and masks.  The Picture shows a donation of face masks made to a care home in Devizes.



Latest Information about Household Waste Sites – Opening from 18th May – dates are postcode controlled – please see the following below;

Information for Families  Supporting families at a distance V2

Don’t delay seeking medical help because of coronavirus

People living in Wiltshire are being advised not to let worries about coronavirus stop them asking for medical help for themselves or their children if they become ill, have a serious accident or have a concern about their health.They are also being warned that not seeking medical help for symptoms that could be the early warning signs of serious conditions such as cancer could be putting lives at risk.

The warning comes as new data shows a considerable drop in the number of people coming forward to ask their GP for help and advice during the coronavirus outbreak.

Recent statistics show that, in Bath alone, the total number of weekly referrals from GPs to the Royal United Hospital have fallen from around 2,000 at the beginning of March to 300 at the end of April.

In Swindon, the average number of patients being sent by their GP to the Great Western Hospital for further investigations into symptoms that suggest cancer each week has dropped by more than 200 to 80.

Dr Ruth Grabham, Medical Director at BaNES, Swindon and Wiltshire CCG, said the statistics made for worrying reading because the drop in numbers  “is not because people are not experiencing symptoms.”

“While it may seem that coronavirus has put a stop to most aspects of everyday life, the one thing it hasn’t stopped is what’s going on inside our bodies,” she says. “Now more than ever, we need to pay attention to anything that isn’t normal and seek help early on.

“For example, if you notice blood when going to the toilet, or if you’ve found a lump that wasn’t there previously, or if you’ve just noticed something odd that is causing you to worry, you need to speak to your GP.

“Should the symptom be the early warning sign of something serious like cancer, that delay in seeking help could have serious implications for how successful possible treatments may be.”

Although GP practices across the region have adopted new ways of working, such as establishing isolated clinics for potential coronavirus patients, the practices themselves are still open to offer care, treatment, advice and peace-of-mind.

The same also goes for emergency departments at the three hospitals in Bath, Swindon and Salisbury, all of which continue to be open 24 hours a day for people with a genuine and life-threatening health concern.

Additionally, all healthcare facilities in the region, as well as those elsewhere in the country, have put in place stringent infection control measures to ensure that the risk of contracting coronavirus while visiting a hospital or GP surgery remains low.

Mental Health Support
Please check out this guide 

A discussion about guarding mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Please go to 
to  help  find your nearest Job Centre more easily.


I’m Mary, I work as a partnership manager at Learnyay Learnyay helps adults find free education courses and training. By connecting them with ESFA and local authority funded colleges, schools and training providers in their area. With many people furloughed and self-isolating, we feel it’s more important than ever to raise awareness about free education courses and training.  Please LOOK AT THE FOLLOWING resources page –  It’s 

 Home learning will help people make the most of their time and cope better with self-isolation. It will also improve their employment prospects at a time when many jobs are a risk.

Information from The Wiltshire Bobby Van Trust

During the current lockdown we would like to notify you of the services still available through The Wiltshire Bobby Van Trust to those over 60 or 18+ with a registered disability.

Our team of Home Security Operators are still securing the homes of victims of house crime and domestic abuse. Our office team are on hand to give telephone support and advice on a range of home security issues.  Please call 01380 861155 and leave a message, your call will be returned within a few hours during working hours.  Our operators are also delivering Personal Protective Equipment for Wiltshire Police across the County.

Our team of Stay Safe Online volunteers are available to offer telephone advice on a range of issues from improving cyber security awareness, to cyber and scam prevention advice and signposting to future advice and resources. Please call and leave a message on 01380 861191 and someone will get back you shortly.


Wiltshire Treehouse, a children’s bereavement charity that works across Swindon and Wiltshire, is seeking to raise awareness about the effect coronavirus could have on children and young people, and the help that it can offer. As well as bringing back difficult feelings for children who have already experienced the death of someone special, deaths caused by coronavirus will lead to more children losing a loved one.

“It’s really important for young people to get help with their grief if they are struggling, particularly because being in lockdown allows your mind to run away with itself.” says Chloe Robinson, a peer supporter with Wiltshire Treehouse who received help from the charity after her Grandad died. “It is normal to think about the people we have already lost, and to worry about losing more loved ones, but it is really scary to be thinking about these things and have no-one to talk to.”

Wiltshire Treehouse are using phone and online support to help those in need, at a time when face to face help is not possible. Kath Brownlee, Bereavement Service Lead says “We anticipate that deaths from the coronavirus will present some unique challenges for families and their children. Social distancing means that saying goodbye to loved ones can be difficult, and some deaths will be sudden and unexpected. We can provide young people with an outlet for their feelings, whilst assisting parents to better understand how to help their grieving child.”
Details on how families can get help from Wiltshire Treehouse can be found at 
or contact  Katherine Brownlee Bereavement Service Lead
01793 987105 / 0749 350 9750

Chargeable garden waste collection service renewal process – Message from Wiltshire Council;

In previous years customers have been asked to renew their subscription for the garden waste collection service from April and have been asked to renew by mid-June to ensure that they pay for their service before the previous year’s collections cease on 30 June each year.
Following the decision to delay the start of the renewal process, the renewals will now commence from 15 June 2020. Customers will be asked to renew from that date, paying £50 to cover collections from 1 July 2020 to 30 June 2021.
Customers will be asked to sign up by 14 August to ensure that they receive a continuous service. As per the existing process, we will send email reminders and a postal reminder to those residents who do not renew. All customers that renew in advance of 14 August will receive their new green sticker by 1 September 2020. Collections will have continued as normal in the meantime for all households which have a red sticker on their bin.
Any customers who sign up between 1 April and 30 June 2020 will pay £50 and sign up for the contract year to 30 June 2021. They will be sent a red sticker at the point of sign up. They don’t need to renew in 2020 but will receive a new green sticker by 1 September 2020.

Local stakeholder information – Wiltshire

 Waste tissues produced by someone who has or suspects they have COVID-19 should be placed in a plastic bag which should be tied when full. Disposable cloths or wipes used to clean hard surfaces such as kitchen worktops and bathrooms should also be placed in the same bag. This plastic bag should then be placed in a second bin bag, which should also be tied when full. The bags should be kept in a secure place until the individual’s test results are known. The bags should not be put out for collection or placed in communal waste areas until negative test results are known or the waste has been stored for at least 72 hours (three days). After being stored for at least 72 hours (three days), please place these in your normal wheeled bin. If you don’t receive a wheeled bin collection, please make sure a council-issued bag label is placed on the outside of the double-bagged waste.

Bonfires and COVID – 19

During the COVID -19 crisis we are asking residents to be sensitive to those living nearby and avoid having bonfires wherever possible. You can stockpile green waste, or use it to start composting to rot down material for use as a soil improver, or sign up for a garden green waste collection from Wiltshire Council or take it to the house hold recycling centre. 

Never burn garden waste that is still green or recently cut, and never burn any other household waste.
Allotment committees and users, as well as householders have a particularly important role in ensuring responsible behaviour by their members.

To report an incident of a problem bonfire please  Wiltshire Council through this link  contact us. or visit