Parish Council Meeting 21/2/2022 DRAFT Minutes

North Newnton Parish Council Meeting

Monday 21st February 2022 at 7 p.m. at The Seven Stars (bar closed)


Present: Cllr Olivia Campbell (OC), Cllr Tom Ellen (TE) (Vice-Chair), Cllr Mac McLean (MM), Cllr Marcus Stoneham (MS), (Chair of Council) and Cllr Tony Mulliken (TM). In attendance: Gillian TatumClerk , Wiltshire Cllrs Paul Oatway & Jerry Kunkler (Chair of CATG and Area Board) and approx. 40 Parishioners.

The meeting started at 7pm

1 Matters of the Council

Absence apologies and Declaration of interests. Apologies: Cllr David Brisker. Members are bound by the provisions of the Code of Conduct and are required to declare either personal or prejudicial interests; None declared.

2 Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting 10th January 2022 duly approved by all Councillors  present and signed by the Chair as a true record.

3 Adjournment. Welcome to the Public. The Chair welcomed all to the meeting and invited questions from the public.

North Newnton Footpath: The Clerk read correspondence from Parishioners in NN who could not attend (summarised); absolutely support the footpath in our village, 2 sons who walk Rushall Road to catch buses & aware how dangerous it is particularly in early morning or later evening when it is dark. More residents now in area, traffic not abiding to 40MPH speed limit; desperately need a footpath. Many of the Parishioners attending were in support of footpaths for North Newnton (to complete the route along Rushall Rd and for Upavon Road) and seemed to be under the impression that the Parish Council were not in support of the footpaths and were particularly upset that the £12,800 allocated towards the second phase of the pavement (as part of the successful substantive bid) was now coming from the S106 monies (this money was secured through a Deed of Variation pertaining to the housing development on the Woodbridge Close development originally for a playpark, but Wiltshire Council approved the housing with no room for the playpark, and with the agreement of the Developer a variation was negotiated and agreed such that £22,000 would be legally required to be used for the pavement/footpaths in the North Newnton area close to the Woodbridge development) and NOT from the existing Parish Council Budget. Cllr TE explained phase 2 had benefited from the “windfall” of the S106 monies (which was not secured when the substantive bid was submitted) and this money was legally ringfenced to only be used for the footpath at NN and at present there was only one immediatefootpath option for this money to be used immediately, Phase 2b. Cllr MM commented that for Phase 4 in Nov 15 he had contacted the landowner of the field opposite the houses on Upavon Rd (Mr Wookey), who was extremely helpful and emailed MM a copy of where he believed his boundary to be and suggested a meeting nearer the time. The current hedge might need to be removed to allow parishioners to cross the road and access the path. He said 37 houses had been polled representing 70% properties in this area and out of these 98.6% were in support of ongoing phases of footpaths. It was acknowledged that due to utilities (BT Cables) the path had to change sides on Rushall Road (not ideal) and parishioners commented you might have to cross the road 4 times in going to the bus stop once all phases completed. He thought at least people can walk along the driveway, across the new pavement in front of the new 3 houses and get to Park Road. He said the poll showed it was a good proposal and one parishioner on Rushall road had indicated they might be willing to give up their land to accommodate a pavement on their side of the road to avoid crossing the road.

Parishioners living on Rushall Road highlighted lots of speeding vehicles (in the past there was a Community Speedwatch but no volunteers now to continue this) how this has increased now and seems to be a preferred route and use as a cut through to Devizes. Commented on the footpath to nowhere and high costs but the missing part was still needed. Cllr JK addressed the floor and confirmed that this IS GOING AHEAD (phase 2B) and should be completed by Sep 22.

Parishioners living on Upavon Road; this road is very dangerous, parishioners take their life into their hands when trying to walk along to the bus stop, the pub or to visit neighbours in the area, several incidents of being hit by wing mirrors, difficulty of trying to carry out hedge maintenance and receive lots of abuse from drivers using this route. Parishioners seemed to be under the mistaken impression that Councillors were opposed to having a footpath along this section of the road.

A petition was given to the Clerk by Cllr MM to support the continuation of the remaining 3 phases of the North Newnton Footway signed by 7/8 householders Rushall Road (1 householder will support if the footpath is on the houses side of the road), 7 householders Upavon road, 3 from Woodbridge close and 18 householders from Park Road. Later signed by Clrs TE, DB and TM.

 The Parish Council and the Chair were in support of the Footpath at North Newnton.

 Cllr PO & JK reported that the costs for Phases 3 & 4 (for information Phase 3 is 60 metres in length from the Woodbridge roundabout to the bus stop on Upavon road A346 and Phase 4 is approx. 217 metres along Upavon road) have been drawn up by Mark Stansby (Wilts Cl Highways) and Cllr PO categorically promised that he would make the footpath happen.

A parishioner asked if the tarmac could be raised to lower costs for the next section of the route(he was unaware of any wheelchair users in the area) to raise the pavement to overcome this. Cllr MM explained we were in the hands of the standards required by Wilts Cl Highways.

Cllr MM raised a motion to reinstate the £12,800 from the PC’s finances for the substantive bid and leave the S106 £22,000 intact for later phases of the footpath funding. The motion was not seconded.

Plea for Speedwatch volunteers to again help in the area. PC have the remaining S106 monies ring-fenced and will review again once costs are known for the next phases 3 and/or 4 for Upavon Road. It was emphasised by the Chair that by using the S106 monies (which must be used for the footpath) this allowed the £12,800 of Parish savings to be freed up, it remained in the PC investment account and would be available for other priority matters (such as traffic calming, Parish Space as well as Footpath budget). There was still £9,500 remaining of the S106 monies that WILL be used for later phases of the footpath.

Bottlesford Gores Lane excessive speeding

Q from Parishioner about Bottlesford Gores Lane where it narrows to single track just past the Seven Stars Public House could there be signage, sleeping policeman/rumble strips to slow traffic as speeds are excessive of 40/45mph in 30MPH zone? Cllr JK commented that metro counts speed monitoring is required to help move forward to get speedwatch in place for traffic monitoring and any subsequent traffic calming. Chair commented that the Parish Council had just purchased a SID (Speed Indicator Device) & were planning on meeting with Wiltshire Highways to agree where this could be used. (It was noted that a metro count had already been undertaken on this stretch of road however nearer to the entrance of Bottlesford before the railway bridge). Note for Parishioners there is a formal process to request speed monitoring via metro counts to be submitted to the Parish Council who then pass on for endorsement to Wiltshire Council.

St Anne’s Planning Application Hilcott

Q from Parishioner asking for any news on the planning application ref PL/2020/08949 which the PC had approved subject to conditions at the last meeting, Clerk confirmed not yet determined. Cllr TE highlighted that conditions had been proposed by the PC and these had been taken on board by the applicant. Cllr PO commented that he had asked the legal department at Wiltshire Council to scrutinise the application.

4 Planning – to gain Statutory View of the Parish Council as Consultee Pl/2022/00308 The Old Apple Store, opposite entrance to Moonrakers Farm, Bottlesford, Pewsey, SN9 6LU Change of use and alteration of a former agricultural building to a single 2-bed dwelling, the demolition of three further agricultural buildings and the erection of garaging.

Parishioners against the proposal were in attendance. It was asked if the applicant had sought any pre-application advice from Wiltshire Council and it was thought not (as none indicated on the planning application). Each Councillor was asked by the Chair to give their opinion on the proposals, all Councillors present objected to the application. It was agreed unanimously to object. Reasons for objection; does not meet the criteria for Policy 48 (conversion and re-use of rural buildings) – maintain that the building is NOT structurally sound and capable of conversion as WILL require major rebuilding , the proposal will have a detrimental impact on the amenity of the area with the loss of a permissive footpath, that the access is not suitable for residential use (there has been a fatality along this stretch of narrow road adjacent to the access in the past) with poor visibility to ongoing traffic and therefore also in detriment to Policy 61. The proposed site lies in an AONB and impacts the special character of the area which is current open agricultural aspect to the existing hamlet of Bottlesford. In conclusion the proposed scheme is considered not acceptable and does not meet the conversion criteria to satisfy Policy 48, nor the access requirements under Policy 61. The Parish Council has received 22 letters of objection from close neighbours to the proposal and are unanimous in its objection. Action: Clerk to inform Wiltshire Council

5 Update by Wiltshire Councillor Paul Oatway

Budget passed by Wiltshire Cl, there was a £27m deficit but they were managing this so that it was absorbed; overall a 1.99% increase on Council Tax, and 1% on Adult Care, locally green bins will be increasing to £60 per annum and an additional 10p per hr for car parking. Parish Councils will be expected to fund election costs in the future (and will need to budget for this). Local matters discussed tonight: St Anne’s Cottage – he will be getting legal and governance sections of Wiltshire Council to check regarding covenants and engage with lawyers. NN footpath – he had been involved for a very long time with Cllr MM with 4 phases; phase 2 now approved , part built and part subject to the successful substantive bid with £12,800 contribution from NN PC. In his view (and knows this differs from the PC) the PC has “withdrawn” this money and are using the S106 money instead to fund their contribution.

6 Hilcott Village Hall – update

Read by Clerk on behalf of Carolyn Whistler (CW) on behalf of Hilcott Village Hall Trustees and Management Committee (in attendance) Update for Parish Council meeting 21 February 2022 Attached self-explanatory newsletter which no doubt all Councillors will have received in their post-boxes, referring to Barnard Meadow. We have already received offers of practical support and donations from parishioners to help with the clearing of the land. For the new build, our project team have been working on RIBA stages 4 and 5 design, costs and preparing for tendering, also liaison with third party professionals. Written updates have been furnished to the PC over the last 10 months for your meetings, since the Village Hall Trust was granted planning permission, but very little in the way of interest, comments and indications of practical and financial support have been forthcoming from the Councillors bar one. As major stakeholders inthe parish, we would welcome your continuing support. The Chair confirmed that £2105 was in this year’s budget under the heading “Parish Space”. CW said that the Village Hall Trustees didn’t necessarily want money but moral support and felt nothing had been forthcoming from the PC since the approval of the planning application for the Village Hall. The Chair asked what she would like the PC to do? CW wanted a collective PC response and not just individual Cllrs response, and a well done for acquiring the land (Barnard Meadow) for a possible car park and community space. Action: MS agreed to personally contact CW


7 Governance

  1. Resignation of Cllr Sean Devine; he was thanked for his work especially on the flood plan and practical clean up works. The procedure to advertise the vacancy was in plac and it was hoped that the replacement will be by co-option. One candidate (attending the meeting) from Hilcott has come forward to date.
  1. Appointment of new Clerk/FO – interviews will take place on Wednesday 23rd February 2022 – 2 candidates remain and a panel has been selected to conduct the interviews.
  1. Flood Warden/Emergency Plan – it was discussed that this does not have to be a Councillor and volunteers would be most welcome from Parishioners to be supported by Cllr TM. Action; Advertise help required by volunteer
  1. Request from Wiltshire Council to review grass cutting requirements with StreetScene ahead of new contract; we have one area by Bottlesford seven stars that is cut periodically by local contractor. Action: Clerk to distribute dates to Cllrs to get a reps for a virtual meeting

9 Finance Clerk presented the latest bank reconciliation with unpresented cheques £8,976.34 in Treasurers account, £19,935.91 Investment Account. Clerk reported significant expenditure items since December are the purchase of a bench for Martins Close Bottlesford, the contribution to the roundels for Hilcott and the order of our own SID (Speed Indicator Device).

Budget update with assumptions of spend of Parish Space (£2,105) will be at 92% spend of the budget with the last month of the financial year to go.

Cheques ratified Ch. No 872 £13 Rushall & Charlton Hall, Ch. No. 873 £656.39 Glasdon UK (Bench), Ch. No. 874 £7.92 Clerk Expenses, Ch. no. 875 Elan City Ltd (SID) £2,871.08.

10 Projects

North Newnton Footpath (brought forward on agenda)

Parish Space – Q about what are the Parishes plans for this? Chair confirmed PC was open to being contacted by parties involved in looking at creating a Parish Space (know the Village Hall Trustees and St James Church are currently looking at this). PC welcomes requests and happy to provide support using experience of Cllrs where they can help.

Traffic Calming Hilcott– looking forward to agreeing if possible a location for the SID, reviewing “White Gates” for expenditure next financial year – advised to ask CATG to put on the agenda for next meeting to request highways engineer to come to the village to review for gates and if possible SID. Action Cllr OS to contact Mark Stansby CATG

Other Rights of Way – no issues to report

Bottlesford Bench – purchased, Cllrs TM & DB liaising with ASTER to get thisinstalled as soon as weather permits.

Order of SID (Speed Indicator Device) – ordered, awaiting delivery

Proposed Facebook Presence for NN Parish – to be brought forward for a later meeting. Action: Clerk to diary

Fibre Optic Broadband for the Parish – Cllr TM taken this on and following up, currently liaising with Cllr at Easterton who is attempting the same project.

Queens Jubilee Celebrations; generally felt it might be more appropriate to arrange mini local events especially if street parties, £500 in next year’s budget for local parishioner groups to request a donation for their event. Cllr MM mentioned street event at Park Road and others may do at Hilcott Stitchings Lane/Pond area and Bottlesford. If larger collective event Parishioners should come forward to suggest an event and provide support to organise. Idea of mugs or tea towels still a proposal. Action: Please contact via the Clerk if Parishioners want to organise an event and to look for some PC funding.


11 Neighbourhood Plan

Cllr TM has now taken over this and is currently catching up on all the paperwork involved. CW advised him to contact Peter Deck at Pewsey Council for information

12 Updates from Meetings

Feedback from Pewsey Community Area Partnership (PCAP); Cllr MM had attended but asked Cllr PO to comment on the cut-backs regarding the fire and rescue service hopefully Pewsey will not be affected but cuts will be forthcoming not next year but the subsequent next 2 years. Cllr MM reported 100% increase in use of local rights of way, many are “grace and favour” and so a plea to Parishioners to keep to the routes please. He also reported on the Youth Blue Bus (comes to Pewsey and Upavon) costs £3-400 per visit.

13 Future Parish Council Meetings

Monday 28 March 2022 (7pm, venue tbc).

meeting closed The at 9.34pm

Gillian Tatum Clerk to NNPC