Traffic Calming Measures starting to be introduced into Hilcott today! 29th November 2021

North Newnton Parish Council are very pleased to note that the implementation of traffic calming measures are starting today! (29th November 2021) along Hilcott High Street.

The first stage is a series of “Roundalls” White lines emphasising Slow and 40MPH speed limits for the Village.

The Parish Council are hoping that this is the start of such measures and are also working with Wiltshire Highways to provide from Parish Funds “White Gates” at the entrances of the Village to emphasis  you are entering a Village and reduce speed accordingly.






Important Please have your say about Parish Boundary Changes

Please find attached a copy of Briefing Note no. 21-25 

This briefing note relates to a survey being undertaken for a community governance review involving  Beechingstoke (who currently have no Parish Council or Parish Representation ) and therefore are consulting with surrounding Parishes including our Parish of North Newnton,

The survey, along with other information, will enable the  Electoral Review Committee to consider if any changes should be made to parish governance arrangements in these areas.

Please see the survey and give your views as to whether you want our North Newnton boundary to change – one suggestion is to add the properties along Broad Street (those currently not in our Parish located from the Notice Board to the Railway Bridge) into our Parish.



Facebook Page for North Newnton Parish Council

Our Clerk, Gill Tatum, attended a useful online conference today (29/09/2021) hosted for free by Scribe,  lots of useful information from speakers , including using social media to engage Parishioners and the final speaker was the now famous Jackie Weaver!

North Newnton Parish Council are looking at setting up a Facebook page shortly and if you would find this useful please reply to the Clerk saying yes or no with Facebook as the subject

Wiltshire Local Performance & Scrutiny Committee Dates of Meetings

Members of the Dorset & Wilts Fire and Rescue Authority, Wiltshire Local Performance & Scrutiny Committee have asked that I provide your Parish with a link to our upcoming meeting papers in order for you to promote them.

Below are the dates to all our upcoming LPS Wiltshire meetings throughout the year:


Wiltshire Local Performance & Scrutiny Committee Meetings
Date Time Meeting
2 September 2021 Thurs 1000-1200 hrs Local Performance & Scrutiny – Wiltshire
2 December 2021 Thurs 1000-1200 hrs Local Performance & Scrutiny – Wiltshire
3 March 2022 Thurs 1000-1200 hrs Local Performance & Scrutiny – Wiltshire
8 June 2022 Weds 1000-1200 hrs Local Performance & Scrutiny – Wiltshire

Please find the link to download the Agenda and papers for the meeting on the 2 September 2021

Please see the Public Notice below;

Wiltshire LPS Public Notice 2 Sept


Hilcott Defibrillator moved and operational

Thanks to a trio of Parish Councillors the Defibrillator has  been successfully moved in Hilcott.

It’s new address is; Corner of Wilford Road with Stitchings Lane (opposite the Village Hall where it was previously), Hilcott, SN9  6LE.

Its what3words address is;  (Every 3 metre square in the world has its own unique what3words address).

Pictures of its new location 

In an emergency please dial 999 the operator will give you a code to open the defibrillator and follow the instructions as it “talks” to you when placing on someone experience heart attack issues.

The Parish Council are considering organising training for the use of the defibrillator, anyone interested please contact Gill the Clerk;





The Parish Council Notice Board in Hilcott has moved!

Hilcott residents may have already noticed but the Parish Council Notice Board has moved locations !  It is now adjacent to the Village pond adjoining Stitchings Lane.

It has been moved following the request of the Trustees of the Village Hall due to the demolition works to take place there and with the kind permission of Andrew Ford.

We do hope you will drop by and read notices.  If you would like notices pertaining to the Parish and Hilcott to be put on it please let the Clerk, Gill know, she can be reached by email  or mobile  07979866387

Wiltshire NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme

The Wiltshire Diabetes Prevention programme is a free service for people who are at high risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

The Diabetes Prevention Programme is a behaviour change programme where people learn about, diet, physical activity and strategies to improve their overall health, all aimed at reducing their risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes.

Normally, people access the programme through their GP however, due to the pandemic  and the subsequent pressure that our GP practices are facing, for a limited time there is  a self-referral option via the Diabetes UK ‘Know Your Risk Score’ – a check list of questions that can determine a person’s risk factors – This has also enabled the programme to become more accessible to people within the area.

The risk tool can be accessed via the link below: