Plantlife Initiatives that may be of interest

This year, communities across the UK have been leaving their lawns long, campaigning for flower-rich road verges and giving us a better idea of what is happening to our wildlife by taking part in national surveys.

This autumn, Plantlife – the wild plant conservation charity, has two initiatives that may be of interest to you.

Fall into nature with Plantlife is a free digital event series running throughout October with workshops and webinars. Whether you are interested in exploring conservation through art, finding out what surveys are telling us, connecting with communities across the UK, discovering wild places or understanding more about plant conservation, biodiversity and climate change, Plantlife believe they have something for you.

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And while you are out and about, you can get involved in our Waxcap Watch survey launching in mid-September. Waxcap grassland fungi are surprisingly colourful and are a good indicator of rare, species-rich grassland. Species-rich grassland is not just important for supporting hundreds of wild flowers but also vital in the fight against climate change, as it can store up to a third more carbon than grasslands with just a few species; locating these remaining grasslands helps us to better protect and restore them. Plantlife are asking people to visit their local green space or take a walk in the countryside to see whether they can spot these colourful fungi.

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