Bus Survey


The following announcement is from Wiltshire Council and we would encourage you to share with residents and local businesses in order to help improve bus services in the area.  Our two mainline stations are poorly served with buses making the use of public transport unviable for most people.  PCAP is involved in discussions on how services could be improved and Demand Responsive Services have not worked well previously for many reasons.  A proper scheduled service would be better for most people, as our work on Demand Responsive Services in 2014 demonstrated.

Earlier in the year the Government published its ‘Bus Back Better’ vision, which underpins a national bus strategy for England that sets out ambitious reform of how services are planned and delivered. Around £3bn has been set aside by the Government to make improvements throughout England, and Wiltshire Council is looking at how Wiltshire and our residents can benefit from this.

The Government’s strategy complements the council’s aim to encourage more people to travel by bus to help support its carbon neutral objectives, and to reach and connect more people who live in rural communities. The council has already been successful in getting some money from the fund, with a successful bid of £1.2m to improve demand responsive transport in the Pewsey Vale area.

This will be in operation next year after a public consultation, which will help establish the most appropriate way for the service to be provided. Demand responsive transport is a flexible mode of transportation that adapts to the demands of its user groups.

Here is the link to the survey: https://surveys.wiltshire.gov.uk/snapwebhost/s.asp?k=162679536235