Pewsey Way Circular Route Consultation

As part of the Itineraries Project for the Pewsey Community Area, Pewsey Vale Tourism Partnership (PWTP)  are creating a new walking and cycling route around the edges of the area using existing public rights of way.  They  have now finalised the route, the Pewsey Vale Circular Way – the walking and riding routes vary slightly at certain places where the rights of way dictate.  This project will create itineraries which will encourage people to stay in the area, rather than just coming for the day, and will help our local pubs, shops, accommodation and service businesses recover after Covid, as well as providing local people with interesting walking, cycling and riding routes.  This route will also be included within scope of the Walkers Are Welcome accreditation which  they are currently pursuing, which means that they will check the rights of way on this route at least once a year, helping parish councils and landowners to fulfil their responsibilities of keeping the routes accessible.

On checking the route, it doesn’t seem to impact North Newnton  Parish, however you may be interested in the route the Pewsey Vale Circular Way takes so are attaching :

  • The overall walking route –
  • The overall cycling/riding route

If you  would like to comment or have any queries on the route, then please contact

Susie Brew

Coordinator – Pewsey Vale Tourism Partnership – 07802 444022

by 30th June

She can send more detailed information for any of the sections if required.  .

The next stage after 30th June (and any potential revisions) is to order and install waymarkers and they  are working with Wiltshire Council Rights of Way team on this.